"Thanks for your service. I purchase one of your discs at Wal-Mart over a year ago. It has been a constant pleasure to use. The reason for ordering five more:  my family constantly calls me to look up something for them. Good Christmas gifts!"


          Lois Ferrell Purkey



"I had the original version 6 and then upgraded to 7 and love them both. Now I saw that Gold is available so I got that. I can export from it to a cookbook that I can edit with MS Word. I'm making cookbooks as gift for my married kids using my favorite recipes. It runs great on Windows 10 and also Vista."


          J. Lee



"I use this frequently. It has many good ideas and helps. My first copy was on CD but won't work with any system after Windows XP. New GOLD version works."


         — Duane Ashon



"I purchased one of your One Million Recipes for myself and just loved it! I highly recommend it to Wal-Mart customers, family and friends. This is a product that I stand behind! “It’s so easy to use, instead of having to look through several cookbooks!” “Everyone who has a computer should have one of these CD’s."


         — Sue Plano, IL



"I wanted you to know how much fun I'm getting out of my "One Million of the World's Greatest Recipes." I'm a cook on a large fishing vessel in the Gulf of Mexico and just after I received the CD as a birthday gift, we headed out to sea for several weeks. The first night out I tried one of the recipes for the main meal and another for dessert. After the guys all cheered over dinner that night, I told them challenge me with some new meal ideas to cook for them - and you know what - no one has stumped me yet! Of course I haven't told anyone my "Secret Source" for all these great new meals. As soon as your new Seafood CD is out, let me know. I'll buy that too. Keep up the great work - your cooking CD is making me a star."


          — J.B., Chef on fishing vessel



"I just wanted to say "thank you" for such a wonderful recipe CD. It is great! My husband bought the One Million Recipes CD for me and I have to admit, I use it often. I love to cook and bake and I am always looking for new recipes to try. Your CD is so easy to use and the recipes I have tried are great. Once again, thank you for a great product!"


          — Mrs C. Downs - Burlington, IA



"Thanks for the CD (One Million Recipes Silver Edition) and it works wonderful. I have told all my friends about your wonderful CD and how easy it is to use. Thanks again."


         — DL Faulkner



"I went nuts and bought a dozen pieces of kitchen software after putting a computer in my kitchen the best one is One Million Recipes buy far (luv it ...my kitchen computer has become the most popular computer in the house). This software does this....you look up say ah...chicken salad...and instead of getting one recipe back ...you get maybe 40 or more. It's great to read through the various ingredients and decide which recipe you think you'd like best. I believe it's fair to say there is nothing else like it and at this price buy several and give them away. Your computer savy friends will luv u 4 it!"


          — DL Faulkner


"I never thought I would write the manufacturer of a product to say well done, but here goes. I own the "One Million of the World's Best Recipes". It is the most sensibly organized, easy to navigate, well thought out, and covers everything imaginable. I am a new diabetic and you have made life good for me."


          — Ben Johnson - Los Angeles, CA



"I wanted to call and thank you for your One Million Recipes on CD that I received this Father's Day. I'm a cook at a large institution and I'm always trying to come up with new meal plans for all those that live here. I have to admit that even I got tired of cooking some of the same meals on a fairly regular basis. Thanks to this CD, I feel like I've totally reinvented myself as a cook. When you're a cook, that's the best thing you can ask for - people complimenting you every day on the meals you prepare for them."


          — Professional Cook in PA



"I wanted to call and tell you that several years ago I lost the lasagna recipe that my grandmother had been passed down to me. You can imagine my delight in finding that special recipe on your CD. Thank you so much!"


          — Grandma in Ohio


"My wife & I do traveling shows all over the country and every where I go, I cook a meal for our audience out of my large traveling van. I recently purchased your One Million Recipes CD and now I can prepare a different, fun meal every night - wherever we go. Thank you - this has really been fun."


          — C.R., Traveling Showman - TX


"Thank you for your fantastic recipes CD. I'm an elderly lady and I'm not too good on a computer. When my son-in-law gave me this CD for Mother's Day I thought it would be pretty overwhelming for me, but this is the easiest thing in the world to use. I may not be too good on the computer, but I sure can cook and I'm having a ball trying out all these new recipes. Your CD has been a "dream come true" for an old lady who loves to cook."


          — M.M. - Seneca, SC


"I can't believe what happened today. A lady came into our store to buy a dozen copies of your" Million Recipe CD for gifts and literally cried when she saw that we were sold out. When I told her we would get more in next week, she told me to call her as soon as they came in."


         — Housewares Department Manager in Florida Wal-Mart

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